Little Miss Goodie

Little Miss Goodie is about the choice to be CONFIDENT in knowing that being a GOOD girl is the COOL and SMART thing to be. No one can define you, but YOU! Inside every girl there are unique talents and special abilities that should be CELEBRATED!


Mott Hall Bridges Academy

The mission of  Mott Hall Bridges Academy(MHBA) is to create a STEAM (Science, Engineering, Arts, and Math) environment where inquiry is used to develop critical thinkers through teaching and learning, building positive relationships amongst stakeholders and adhering to our MHBA codes of excellence.


The Score

This Digital Magazine was created to combat the 8 Million negative results associated with Brownsville, Brooklyn. A print and photo rich media, created by the scholars of Mott Hall Bridges Academy offers 60 pages of positive content.


I Matter

The I MATTER Initiative has created a platform that provides urban populations with opportunity to interact and recieve mentorship from men who are leaders within government, finance, education, entertainment and sports.


She Is Me

A platform that celebrates women of all ages for her dynamic presence and uniqueness. We honor her greatness because: She is Significant, Heroic and Exquisite.


Be Cool Be Kind

A pro-kindness campaign developed to combat bullying behaviors through acts of kindness and empowering kids to engage in acts of kindness through a positive affirmation.

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