21 Jul All Student Pass to Global Citizenship











Being born to parents from Guatemala and Honduras, I had the great fortune of being exposed to

cultures and people that have offered a global perspective on how I could impact communities beyond

the United States. During my first teaching experience I remember telling my students that I wanted

them to become global citizens. I will never forget Andre saying to me, “How are we going to travel

from here to see the rest of the world?” It was an eye opening experience for me because I realized that

many children who live in disadvantaged communities may not fully understand that being a global

citizen is not just about traveling. Instead the focus is exploring various cultures, ethnicities, and the

dynamics of social justice that will help develop tolerance and understanding along with building

relationships with others.

Here are my five important skills, behavior, and attitudes a student needs to become a productive global


1. Develop Tolerance and Empathy! In a world that has been ignited by recent acts of hate,

students need to develop tolerance of the differences that exist amongst various cultures,

ethnicities, race, and genders. Learning from others and empathizing with their personal

experiences allows students to gain a perspective that fosters a dialogue to deepen their


2. Learn Another Language! There is an advantage when you learn a language to communicate with

others. It creates opportunities to develop relationships, understand cultures, gain access to

various resources, and opportunities for future employment around the world.

3. Build your Network! It’s no longer just about what you know, but who you know. As educators

we have to teach students the importance of cultivating relationships by meeting new people

and going into new spaces that will provide them access to opportunities and resources they

could never imagine.

4. Develop Compassion through Service Learning! There are so many critical issues

impacting our world, many of which can be solved by the ingenuity and generosity of humanity.

When students take an active role in leading change by creating viable solutions that will have a

positive impact on another community, it helps cultivate them into becoming productive

citizens. Whether it’s starting a fundraising campaign for families to get fresh water in their

villages, donating clothes to children in orphanages or books to kids who lack libraries in their

schools, even creating petitions to bring awareness to a problem, the opportunities are limitless.

We are all accountable for making the difference in this world, therefore, it is very important to

learn the importance of helping others in your community because it is an act of humanity that

will have a positive impact.

5. Stay in the Know! It is essential to develop an awareness of what is happening not only locally,

but around the world on a daily or weekly basis. What happens beyond their immediate

community can have positive implications that cause the development of true self-awareness

regarding their place in the global community.

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