20 May Introducing the Bridge to Brilliance…


The process of writing the “Bridge to Brilliance” has been a true labor of love, which is why I am extremely proud to share this book with the world. It’s not just about being an educator working in an underserved community, but the story of brilliant children in the Brownsville, Brooklyn who are resilient and complex.  This work is not easy and doesn’t happen in isolation, it has taken a team of people who continue to thrive despite the pressure of the state exams scores and lack of resources to serve children who tend to go unnoticed in this world, until they commit a crime or end up dead.

You will be sure to laugh, cry, or even feel disturbed as your read through the journey of how I opened up a school and become a leader who is unapologetic about fighting for the equity and respect that all children deserve. It is my hope that you are inspired and become an advocate who demands change of our education system by holding our elected officials accountable for ensuring that funding, policies, and services are fair and practical in benefiting all children.  But you can also help right now and ‘Occupy Schools’ by volunteering your time, donating funds, or providing access and resources that will help to expand the educational experiences of our children.  We must all come to the table ready because the bridge to our children’s brilliance begin with each and everyone of us.

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