School leaders face a tremendous amount of responsibility that is exceptionally demanding. With little to no support, the position can feel isolating and become overwhelming, affecting your physical and mental health wellness. This is a six-month program, for veteran and aspiring leaders using a proven methodology, to create a strategic plan with goals that will target your leadership challenges, builds your capacity, and results in transformational outcomes. 

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This 8-week group coaching series focuses on redefining your leadership to have a greater impact on your organization while prioritizing your wellbeing. 


  • A solutions-driven methodology to improve efficiency, and efficacy
  • Cohort style coaching to share experiences and cultivates relationships
  • Self-care and mental health framework to prioritize yourself and manage your time
  • Interactive activities to apply learning in real-time 
  • Analyze case-studies
  • Evaluate your leadership to determine strengths and areas of growth

Half or full-day session(s) customized to meet the needs of your group or organization’s for the purpose of learning, connecting, and building community through:



  • School Leadership & Development
  • 4th Industrial Revolution 
  • Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline  
  • Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity
  • Youth Development
  • Wellness and Sustainability
  • Social-Emotional Learning 
  • Community Development 
  • Vision to Actualization  
  • The Power of Storytelling (Building Relationships & Brand Awareness)
  • Youth Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship
  • Cultivating a STEAM-focused school 

The Lopez Effect will help you take your vision from a possibility to reality by working in partnership with your school, district, or organization to craft a comprehensive plan of action based on the intended target, vision, mission, and the steps needed to meet your goal.


This is a prerequisite to our 4-part in-depth comprehensive planning. In this session you will receive:


– Clarifying the organization’s vision statement and goals
– Identify pain points
– Construct a plan of action with tangible next steps

The Blueprint: Vision 101 course is a transformational 2-day intensive that involves the process of unpacking your fears, perceived failures, and traumas that stand in your way of becoming the person you have envisioned for yourself.

You will learn the vision commandments that will help you:

  • Identify your traumas vs triumphs
  • Learn to become intentional with your time
  • Set your goals
  • Develop personal awareness
  • Craft a vision aligned to who you want to become

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